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On page optimize for your region and keyword research for content
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Randy did a great job working through the technical SEO issues on our site and was very patient with my natural reluctance to approve changes (we generate 75%+ of our revenue through SEO, so it’s a very sensitive subject). Randy’s ability to dive into industry/niche specific SEO and keyword optimization was very impressive. Highly recommended!

Off-leash k9 training digital agency

Off-leash K9 Trainers  

Randy was beyond professional and responsive. He provided exactly what I requested and more and explained every step so I better understood how the changes would improve my website. Highly recommend Randy for any of your SEO needs.

Superior Scrapers & Grinders  

Seriously amazing job. Communicated very quickly, understood everything that needed to be done and MORE. Offered great advice on best practices. Fixed a ton of issues on the site. I have ordered multiple times from Randy and he is top Notch


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Case Studies

Grammarly Case Study & Google Ads Campaign

Accounts needed to be built out by and budget needed to be split between search, display and video campaigns. Two different accounts were made for B2C users to install Chrome Extension download and other to target selective Universities.

Walgreens Case Study & Google Ads Campaign

Account needed to be created for store targeted geo-locations at a 15 miles radius. This had extensive targeting and custom settings to have all their southern stores applied to the account. ROAS was reflected on coupon usage and store check outs.

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