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Our experience with Randy was stellar from the get-go. It is one thing to hire a professional vendor to create YOUR vision. It is another thing entirely, to hire a team of people who share that vision with you and genuinely want to see it excel. Randy acted more as business partners than 3rd party vendors throughout the process, which created an environment for success and a spirit of excellence. Their services are highly recommended for any company looking to turn a great idea into a successful reality. The pure talent and smarts within the agency are great. It really helps having a resource like them especially for a company looking for an outside perspective. They are experienced, talented and very custom service centric. Thank you Randy!
Elias Vela
Elias V.
03:59 14 Jun 19
I highly recommend Randy for your small business needs. He was responsive, efficient and effective. We will definitely utilize his services again in the future.
Blacksburg and Roanoke OLK9
Blacksburg and Roanoke O.
19:08 28 May 19
Randy is the best! Extremely professional and understands how to get great results. Never advises something you wont need . Always my go to with any questions on SEO, Marketing , ect
Nick g
Nick g
21:09 25 May 19
Randy was so professional and helpful! I manage a small business and we recently launched our first website. Randy did an amazing job bringing our SEO up to speed. Highly recommended!
Pamela Masnik
Pamela M.
18:49 24 May 19
I used the services of Randy many times and he always supported me imediatly. His services helped my company to grow on google ranks and i am so grateful to have his knowledge in PPC and Seo that provided for my company a much better result that i was expecting. He is the best. Very well recommended!
Fabio Mendonça
Fabio M.
00:25 23 May 19
I was referred to Randy and chose to use him over local people in the UK. Good SEO knows no boundaries! He understood our business needs and offered recommendations we didn't even consider. We have been extremely pleased with his work.
OLK9 London
19:59 21 May 19
I have used Randy for both of my businesses and am mad at myself for not finding him sooner. The results were instant! He's prompt, professional and has exceeded my expectations at every turn! I referred him to a few colleagues....and they keep referring him. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I would give him 10 stars if I could!
Molly B
Molly B
19:55 21 May 19
Randy is a super great guy and a delight to work with -- generous and always willing to help. He's really passionate about his craft and well qualified. He did a bunch of SEO, PPC, Facebook ads and some KW research for me...we've experienced positive results pretty fast, within our verticals, and agree that he was well worth the investment. Hope Randy can help you too. Give him a shout....he's quick to respond.
Jason White
Jason W.
17:56 21 May 19


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Case Studies

Grammarly Case Study & Google Ads Campaign

Accounts needed to be built out by and budget needed to be split between search, display and video campaigns. Two different accounts were made for B2C users to install Chrome Extension download and other to target selective Universities.

Walgreens Case Study & Google Ads Campaign

Account needed to be created for store targeted geo-locations at a 15 miles radius. This had extensive targeting and custom settings to have all their southern stores applied to the account. ROAS was reflected on coupon usage and store check outs.

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