About Me

Self-taught entrepreneur and leading expert in digital marketing. Born and raised in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Specialize in B2C, B2B and SaaS companies. Single full time parent and race car driver on the side.



I’ve been in the online marketing industry since 2009. I’ve first started with GPT survey type sites and transitioned over to CPA sites. From there, I grew in Affiliate Marketing and was connected with over 20 Corporations. After having major success with over 10 of my niche related websites, I wanted to try something new. I started talking to numerous Co-Founders and instantly got hooked into the Startup life. I joined an early-stage startup in Palo Alto in 2004 and was with the company until it failed in 2016. After the transition, I made my way over to Google joining the gTech team. My role is to work directly with large advertisers as well as internal sales teams. Carrying out one-off projects as required for large advertisers.

Collections of Achievements

Clients I’ve helped

  • yahoo
  • commerce
  • bluehost
  • actision
  • experian
  • NationalDebtRelief-Logo-Bigger
  • godaddy
  • blizzard
  • turbo tax

Growth Hacks

Over the years I’ve gathered numerous marketing techniques along with self-found tactics. The picture below is one of my greatest growth hacks that generated massive amount of traffic and active users. See more..


Risk taker and Passion

Laguna Seca

My favorite and most thrilling track in California

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Core Competencies

Social Media Marketing

• Paid Social Campaigns
(Facebook, Twitter, etc)
• Customer Support/CRM
• Social Network Management
(Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
• Press Release Distribution
• Copywriting and Ad copy
• Blog Management
• User Generated Content
• Photoshop
• Analytics Tools
(Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, etc)
• Email Marketing
(Mailchimp and Hubspot)

Search Engine Optimization

• 7 years Up-to-date SEO
(Penguin, Hummingbird, etc)
• High Authority Link Building
• Keyword Research & Strategy
• Disavow and Negative SEO
• Big Data Analytics
• Content Marketing Software
• Webmaster Tools
(Google and Bing)
• XML Sitemap
• Competitor Analysis
• A/B Testing
(Page Optimization, CTA’s, etc)

Information Architect

• UX/UI Testing
(Usability Tools, UserTesting, etc)
• WordPress/Drupal
• Marketing Automation
(Hubspot, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc)
• Paid Search & Display Marketing
(Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc)
• Remarketing lists
(Website, Video, Apps and Email)
• Mobile Marketing
(Inmobi, Google Admob, etc)
• Project Management
(JIRA, Basecamp, etc)